How To Calculate Your Gravel Requirements

Calculating your gravel requirements is an important part of your garden or driveway project. Use our calculator below to see the approximate quantity of gravel required.

Get started with our handy gravel calculator. If you have already taken your measurements and they’re not in meters then don’t worry! Our conversion tool will convert millimeters, centimeters, inches and feet into meters which you can use in our calculator.

Measuring in feet, inches or another format?

Use our handy conversion table below to convert your preferred measurement into a format suitable to use in our calculator.

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Gravel & Chippings Calculator FAQ's

How do I calculate how much gravel I need?

Take a look at the area that you require graveling. If measuring in meters, multiply the width by the length and then multiply this by the depth and you will end up with the amount of cubic meters required. 

By using our handy gravel calculator, all you need to do is submit the length, width and depth and our calculator will automatically show you how many loose tons or bulk bags are required for your project.

What depth should I choose for my gravel driveway or pathway?

The recommended depth of gravel for a driveway is 50-60mm. Be careful not to lay your gravel too thick as this will cause ‘rutting’ when driven over. Too little and you may expose the sub base beneath.   

If laying gravel in a pathway, you can opt for a depth of around 40mm, this will ensure a good coverage whilst maintaining a suitable depth.

Can I use the gravel calculator for my beds or pots?

You can use this calculator for your beds or pots. We recommend laying the gravel at 40mm depth for beds. 

If you are calculating your gravel requirements for multiple areas, you should start by calculating the square meters for each individual area by multiplying the length by the width. Once you have a list of the areas in meters squared, you should add these together. 

Finally you need to convert this back to find a single length and width for use in our calculator. For example, if the overall area is 45 m2, you would input the following:

Length: 1 meter

Width: 45 meters

Depth: 40mm (for pathways & beds)

That’s it, your all set! Head over to our decorative gravels page to start choosing your products.

Can I use your gravel calculator for building aggregates?

You can use this calculator as a rough guide for construction aggregates such as sub base (803) or Play sand.

Due to the different densities of the various aggregates, calculating for this purpose would not be perfectly accurate.

Look out for our aggregate calculator coming soon.

Can I use this calculator for all decorative gravels?

This calculator is suitable for all decorative gravels.

Some of the options available for calculation include:

How can I be sure the calculation is correct?

We have prepared this calculator ‘in house’ using the materials that we stock at our branch.

If you are still unsure about the quantity required, please contact us by using our contact form, via email or give us a call on 01726 212721