Weedblock Membrane

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or generally enjoy gardening, Weedblock Membrane has been a favourite product used for years to prevent weed growth. You may also know this product as weed control fabric, weed barrier or landscape fabric.

If you’re just getting into gardening and already had enough of spending more time digging out weeds than actually planting/pruning your shrubs, then you have come to the right place, as Weedblock Membrane might just be your new favourite friend!

What is Weedblock Membrane?

Weedblock membrane is a permeable, geotextile fabric used to suppress and control weed growth without the need to use harsh chemicals and weed killers.  Being a permeable fabric, it offers great drainage and filtration capabilities, which means nutrients, air and water can still pass through to the soil below.

Weedblock Membrane is a material made of either bonded plastic (polypropylene) or textiles. There are two main ways in which weed membrane is created, through woven fabrics or non-woven membranes.

Where can I use Weedblock Membrane?

Weedblock Membrane can be used in a wide variety of landscaping applications.

It is mainly used for weed suppression on flower, shrub and vegetable beds, play areas under bark mulch, under Gravelled driveways, paths and walkways, and also under artificial grass.

Why should I use Weedblock Membrane?

There are a number of benefits to using a Weedblock Membrane in your garden. Here are just a few:

  • No need to use harsh chemicals and weed killers that could harm your plants, pets and wildlife!
  • It prevents weed seeds from germinating in the soil below.
  • It’s easy to use and maintain, helping you have more time for the rest of your gardening.
  • It also helps to retain moisture in the soil by allowing water, air and nutrients to pass down to the soil to feed your plants.

How do I lay Weedblock Membrane?

1. Firstly you need to make sure all weeds and unwanted objects are removed from the area you wish to lay the Weedblock, ensuring all sharp stones have been removed. Rake the area so that you are left with a flat surface. This will make laying the Weedblock easier and stop sharp objects from damaging it.

2. If more than one row of Weedblock is required, make sure you overlap the pieces by at least 100mm to stop weeds from growing through the seams. The overlaps can be secured in place with fixing pegs.

3. If you’re laying your Weedblock on top of soil where you want to have plants, simply cut a cross in the fabric where each plant will sit and open it up. Dig a hole for the plant, place it in and give it a good water, then put the Weedblock down, ensuring no soil is left on top of it.

4. Now you can cover the Weedblock membrane with your chosen Gravel/Bark Mulch. For best results, we recommend putting down a 30-40mm layer of gravel. This helps to keep the Weedblock Membrane in place.