Gravel Grids

Laying gravel grids under your gravel will help to keep it in place and is particularly useful if your driveway or garden is on a slope. It’s an easy to lay solution to keep your gravel where it needs to be.

It can also help to lengthen the lifespan of your gravel as the grids will take a lot of the traffic weight off of the gravel itself.

What are Gravel Grids?

Gravel grids are a base system designed to be used under gravel surfaces. Manufactured from a range of materials, the purpose is to provide a stable gravel surface that prevents gravel moving around, they prevent rutting and pitting and improve accessibility on gravel surfaces.

The use of a quality Gravel Grid system should give you a similar hard standing to that of tarmac or paved surfaces but with all the additional benefits you get from a gravel surface.

How do I lay Gravel Grids?

Gravel grids are simple to lay. Just dig out the area in which you wish to lay them, put down a sub-base and compact it.

Lay out some weedblock membrane then place your Gravel Grids on top, pin them down and fill with gravel, Voila!

Where can I buy Gravel Grids?

Gravel grids can be bought from many local and online retailers.

Make sure when ordering that they have the correct size grid cells for the Gravel you intend to use.