About Your Materials

Construction Sands

Help to understand the big differences in the types of sand used in the construction & landscape industries.

Weed block Membrane

What is weed block & why does we use it? This blog will explain exactly why you should be using weed block.

Gravel Grids

Adding structure to your driveway can be very important in soft or boggy conditions, gravel grids are the solution to this.

Made In Cornwall

Taking a look into some of the products found in and around our brnach location in Cornwall.

Discovering Where Your Gravel Comes From

Looking at the types of gravel & where exactly it comes from. You may be quite surprised at just how close it may be!

What Are Road Planings?

Looking at road planings, a recycled surfacing material commonly found on temporary roads & compounds.

About Self Binding Gravel

All about self binding gravel, what is it, where it comes from & where you can use it.

Decorative Gravel Options

A look at the range of decorative grave & aggregates available for your garden or outdoor space.