Premium 14mm road planings

Our premium recycled tarmac road planings are the highest quality road scalpings that can be found in the south west.

Standard road planings have always originated from the removal of used & crushed sections of our roads. As a result, standard road planings are subject to many types of oily depsosits that break down the binding tar content contained within the road surface. Although standard road planings are widely used throughout the country, the quality can vary dramatically.

Our premium planings are sourced directly from the tarmac plant as a returned product that have never been laid or used on a road. Once returned they are crushed & graded with no sized larger than 14mm. This results in much greater binding properties than standard, used planings. Not only is the size graded but there are no  large lumps, white lines or other foreign matter in this product.

Ideal for many uses, including:

  • Temporary roads
  • Farm lanes/tracks
  • Pot hole repairs
  • Temporary surfacing

Available in small 25kg polybags, large 800kg jumbo bags or loose by the ton.


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A 0-14mm aggregate, known as road plainings or scalpings.

Our tarmac coated road planings are screened with particles no bigger than 14mm for use in the construction, groundworks & landscaping industries.

This product uses silver grey 14mm granite stones, coated in a black tar at one of Cornwalls largest tarmacing plants..

  • Bulk/Jumbo bags are filled to a weight of approximately 800kg
  • Small polybags are filled to a weight of approximately 25kg
  • Free sample bags are filled to a weight of 1kg
  • Loose material is supplied on a per ton basis. This is available locally & nationally by request.

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Bulk Bag, 25kg Polybag, Loose, Free Sample, 20kg Polybag

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