Screened Top Soil

Screen top soil, processed & bagged in Cornwall.

Perfect for mixing into poor quality soil, topping off beds or potting.

Our Screened Top Soil is suitable for all small or large scale general gardening requirements & offers a great alternative to peat.

This Top Soil is screened to 20mm, every care has been taken to remove larger organic matter and stone, but you may still find some smaller pieces.

Also known as:

  • Sub Soil

Available in small 1kg sample bags and large 900kg jumbo bags.

£30.00£45.00 Inc Vat



Screened Top Soil.

Our Screened Top Soil is graded with no stone larger than 20mm. Ideal to use for flower beds, borders and grass seed/turfing areas.

Although every effort has been made to remove larger stones and organic matter, you may still find some pieces larger than 20mm or small parts of roots/green waste.

Our Top Soil is dug from sites locally in Cornwall.

  • Bulk/Jumbo bags are filled to an approximate weight of 900kg.
  • Sample bags re filled to an approximate weight of 1kg.

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