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Multi purpose garden mulch. Recycled, processed & bagged in Cornwall.

Perfect for ground cover on existing beds, pots & compost areas.

Our garden mulch is produced during the recycling process of tree stumps of varying species.

This product is suitable for all small or large scale general gardening requirements & offers a great alternative to bark.

This compost is screened, with the largest piece no bigger than 20mm.

Also known as:

  • Garden Mulch
  • Landscape Mulch
  • Ground Cover Mulch

Available in small 25l polybags, large 150kg (650l) jumbo bags or loose by the cubic meter.

£2.75£73.15 Inc Vat


A general purpose garden mulch.

Our multipurpose mulch is screened with particles no bigger than 20mm for use in horticulture, landscaping & general gardening.

As this product is produced in a mixed facility, there may be very small remnants of other recycled products such as packaging plastic etc.

This compost is produced by recycling garden waste at a facility located in Cornwall.

  • Bulk/Jumbo bags are filled to a weight of approximately 150kg or 650l.
  • Small polybags are filled to a size of approximately 25l.
  • Loose material is supplied the cubic meter. This is available locally & nationally by request.

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