Large Granite Gabion Stone – 100-150mm

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Our large granite gabion stone features a maximum size of 150mm, with the smallest size around 100mm. Quarried from the celtic region of Cornwall, this local granite is perfect for creating gabion stone walls in the garden or as part of a larger commercial project.

This Stone appears white when dry, once wet, the natural colours of the local granite will emerge.

Available in loose quantities or by request we can supply bulk bags of this gabion stone for fast nationwide delivery.


£35.00£75.00 Inc Vat


Local suppliers of gabion stone, sourced from quarries within Cornwall. This naturally occurring granite is perfect to use in gabion baskets, known locally for being some of the best stone for gabion walls.

This product carries a similar colour to our silver mixed granite. Appearing as a white stone when dry but when wet, the full spectrum of colours, including reds, browns, greys & pinks will emmerge.

As suppliers of gabion stone in Cornwall, we can provide this in loose loads by the ton or in bulk/jumbo bags, sent nationwide with an express pallet courier.

For your basket calculations, a single bulk bag of this gabion stone will fill approximately 0.61m3.

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