20mm Blue/Black Limestone

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Our Blue/Black limestone chippings boast a consistent range of blue 20mm stones with small white veins running through.

Occasionally you may find pink, white, and brown stones, owing to the natural beauty of this product. Once wet, this blue stone changes to a deep black colour.

Sourced from local quarries in the beautiful Celtic region of Cornwall, South West England, these hard-wearing Blue/Black Limestone 20mm gravel chippings are the perfect addition to;

  • Driveways
  • Car Parks
  • Footpaths
  • Water Features
  • General Landscaping.

Most of our decorative gravels are available in the following sizes: 40mm, 20mm, 10mm & 6mm. As we only list the most popular options, Please contact usĀ  If your required size is not shown.

Available in small 25kg polybags, large 800kg jumbo bags or loose by the ton.

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The Blue/Black Limestone gravel is known locally as Hardstone. Formed by the accumulation or deposition of mineral or organic particles, this type of gravel falls under the Sedimentary Rock category.

This Blue/Black Limestone is graded with the largest stone no bigger than 20mm. Due to the screening process, this can mean that smaller sizes of 10mm can be found within this product.

The colours may vary slightly between batches. If this colour isn’t suitable, our Pink Limestone is an attractive alternative to standard coloured gravel and will add a shine to any garden.

After bagging, the Limestone gravel chippings can often take on a dusty appearance, making the stone appear a different colour. Once your project is complete, wash away the dust and allow the true colour of the stone to emerge.

We pride ourselves in customer service and offer the following choices when you purchase your Blue/Black Limestone Gravel Chippings:

  • Free sample bags, filled to a weight of 1kg
  • Small polybags are filled to an approximate weight of 25kg
  • Bulk and Jumbo bags, filled to an approximate weight of 800kg
  • Loose material is supplied per ton and is available locally and nationally by request.

Calculating your gravel requirements is an essential part of budgeting for your project. Take the hassle out of trying to work out how much Blue/Black Limestone you need with our handy Gravel & Chippings Calculator.

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25kg Polybag, Dumpy Bag, Loose, Free sample, 20kg Polybag

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